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Central London view - DGL Group

If you have never found the idea of becoming an entrepreneur appealing to you, it’s normal. Not everyone has to be an entrepreneur. Many talented and bright people focus on...[Read more]

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Hundreds of articles give tips and advice on how to keep balance in your life. In reality, there is no balance in life of an entrepreneur. If you want to create and run an exceptional business, it’s already unbalanced state. However, how can you achieve success as an entrepreneur and make sure to...[Read more]

Dennis G. Lucan filming for Eligent

In my opinion, to find a reliable and responsible co-founder is harder than to get married. But at the same time, a successful startup journey is always teamwork process and you need to...[Read more]

Dennis G. Lucan at Pop up festival - DGL Group

Founding companies during studies represents a truly wonderful challenge. In the past three years, I benefited from extensive support from my University to help me through the process in terms of mentoring, access to information and opportunity to participate in business competitions...[Read more]