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Are you looking for a co-founder?
Are you finding team building difficult?
Are you struggling to find the right people to work with?

Part of our events series, we are sharing personal insights about how to find the right co-founder for your startup. What should you look for when you build a team, where to find potential candidates and how to make your teamwork efficient.

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Dennis and Slava came across as genuine and definitely passionate about what they do; they also compliment each other in their respective skill sets so the information presented covers many bases. I look forward to attending future events and leveraging their expertise.

Abdi Mohammed, Digital Marketing Consultant

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The most important thing is that, after the workshop, a person who only thinks to start a tech company will get a clear picture of what to expect, where to focus and what team to build. For me, it was a good sum up, as well as confirmation on some important points like the need to get a CTO on board.

Stas Kulminski, Co-Founder PartyMaker App

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Fantastic event. I made new contacts and found it informative and enlightening. Many thanks!

Muhammad Zeiyad, Founder and Director of Tailor Mate LTD

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